GPS Engine Board - FV-5A

Parameter Specification
Receiver Type 50 Channels
GPS L1 Frequency, CA Code
GALILEO Open Service L1 frequency
Time-To-First-Fix Cold Start 32 s
Warm Start 32 s
Hot Start <1s
Aided Start <3s
(All satellites at -130 dB)
Sensitivity Tracking & Acquisition -160dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Cold Start -143dBm
Horizontal Accuracy Autonomous <2.5 m CEP (50%,24 hours static, -130dBm)
SBAS <2.0 m SEP<3.5m
Accuracy of Timepulse Signals RMS 30ns
99% <60ns
Compensated 15 ns (All satellites at -130 dB)
Timepulse Configurable: 0.25¡K.1000 Hz
Max Navigation Update Rate 4Hz
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s (50%@30m/s)
Heading Accuracy 0.5 degrees (50%@30m/s)
Dynamics < 4g
Operational Limits Velocity 600 m/s
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...